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WARREN TEASLEY: The Brains Behind the Brawn

Warren Teasley is a legend in the technology world. Having no formal training, he climbed his way to the top
of the industry armed only with his natural ability and innovation.

His interest in technology and communications started in 1955 when he was a guest on The Howdy Doody
Show and The Arthur Godfrey Show in New York. Growing up in Glendora, California, he built Hamm radios
as a boy and spent his teenage years repairing 8 and 4 track audio machines and constructing amplifiers for
friends’ guitars. Directly after high school, Warren joined the United States Marine Corps, where he further
developed his technical skills by working with electronic avionics and military aircraft.

After the Marines, he used his skills in the music industry in Hollywood where he owned and ran Devista
Recording with his legendary uncle, master musician, Jimmy Carroll. Besides the typical recordings, he also
developed some electronic music and commercial jingles, and he created the sound effects for the first
animated scoreboard at the Dallas Cowboy’s football stadium. During this time, Warren also worked on
modifying and designing video equipment such as VTRs and VCRs for specialized needs of the recording
industry. Warren became known for his quality work and innate ability, leading to several connections in the

In 1975, Warren started Audio Video Service Center in West Hollywood, California. There he became a
leader in equipment repair and multimedia system set-up. His reputation became so notable, that he was
asked to supply, service, and maintain the large screen projection television systems for the 1984 Olympic
Games in Los Angeles.
After that notable feat, Warren went on to work with government agencies in developing specialized cameras
and equipment. He has also worked with major companies including IBM and Motorola, interfacing e-mail
technologies for training by those companies.

In 1990, Warren relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he changed his focus to satellite technology. He
became a frontrunner in the satellite industry, working with residential, marine, mobile, and commercial
systems. His work with satellite technology led to the development of a revolutionary GPS tracking system.
He is a master of satellite delivered television feeds and distribution. He also developed multimedia
systems for many top Las Vegas hotels and residences. He is currently focusing his energies on developing
and implementing communications systems for homeland security, integrating cutting edge technology
such as satellite phones and satellite Internet. Time will only tell what Warren will bring next to the table.
Watch for exciting discoveries from him and the team at Satellite World, Inc. in the coming months.
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