About Satellite World, Inc.
Satellite World, Inc. has been at the cutting edge of technology and communications systems for over 45
years.  We are committed to providing our customers with the latest in Internet, television, voice and all other
communications technologies.

With an emphasis on mobile systems, we keep our customers connected wherever they roam, from the
oceans to the mountaintops and everywhere in between.  By offering and integrating satellite, cellular,
underway and stationary systems, we are able to provide unique solutions for each of our customer’s
needs.  Whether you’re driving, hiking, sailing, flying or just in a remote location, Satellite World, Inc. has a
communications solution for you.

With our vast knowledge and understanding of both the history and the future of technology, we are able to
efficiently integrate the latest products into a customer’s project in a way that allows for easy interfacing with
future technologies.  Our goal is to keep our customers equipped with the best that the ever-changing world
of technology has to offer.  Keeping our customers current and connected is what Satellite World, Inc. does

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