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When The Lines Are Down, The Satellites Are Up!
Emergency Preparedness System (E.P.S.)
While no one hopes to ever have to use it, everyone
should put together an emergency kit for use when
natural or manmade disasters occur.  A typical
emergency kit contains food, water and first aid
supplies needed in a time of emergency.  At Satellite
World, Inc. we have taken the next step with our
Emergency Preparedness System (E.P.S.).  Our E.P.S.
is a self-contained, turnkey solution providing cellular
(land-based) and/or satellite-based Internet, television,
phone, power and a weather base station.  The E.P.S.
allows off-the-grid communication in an emergency
situation at any global location.  It can also provide a
variety of services, including HDTV, high speed
Internet, multi Voice Over Internet Protocol, handheld
satellite phones, video calling and locating devices with
911 capabilities.
When disaster strikes you need to be safe.  Food,
water, clothing and first aid supplies are a must.  
Communicating with the outside world is also a high
priority in an emergency situation.  The ability to
contact safety and rescue agencies is key, as is being
able to communicate with family, friends, & business
associates to coordinate a post-emergency plan of
attack.  The E.P.S. can provide access to all of these
emergency needs.
Additional options available with the E.P.S.:
-Propane-powered generator
-Solar power for all electrical needs
-Hot water, refrigeration, lighting, cooking stoves and ovens
-Water pumps, high tech water filtering, hot showers, HVAC
-Long storage foods, first aid supplies, cables, ropes, tents,
sleeping bags, etc.

The E.P.S can be customized for individuals, families,
businesses and local/federal government
organizations. It can be housed in a backpack, global
standard shipping container, road driven trailer,
recreational vehicle, marine vessel or a custom
command center that suits your needs.
For over 25 years Satellite World, Inc. has
provided many off-the-grid systems for private,
corporate and government customers.
We can provide a system for you.
Let us help you get prepared today!
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